Your investment in Jodi will pay off right away by making it easier for your audience members to propagate new ideas that unleash lasting business and personal growth-now more than ever! Jodi delivers immediately actionable, reliable and repeatable expert Solutionologist® Strategies and tactics to excel in your business! After all, how much is “being the best you can be” worth to your company? Break through your current rut in life and learn to retrain your brain for success. Be the best leader you can be on the job, at home and in your community! Learn how to Turn your Obstacles into Opportunities from Jodi, a business & psychology, expert! The better equipped you are at dealing with your own obstacles, the more successful you will be, in every aspect of your life. Audiences love hearing about Jodi’s Tragedy to Triumph stories.

Jodi never let anyone stand in her way, sharing the same philosophy as Steve Jobs; “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice,” Jobs once said. “And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” After losing her hair to a rare disorder, Jodi followed her heart and intuition, understanding that others shared the same challenges that she did. Jodi didn’t let her alopecia stop her, she started online support groups, and prepared advocacy videos, to help people all over the world. Jodi loves to share her challenges in life, to help motivate, inspire and educate others. “Jodi exudes HOPE, love and support to all who hear her speak.”


Jodi is the “best kept secret”for those who want to succeed in every facet of their live! She is unlike every other speaker; she’s an expert who speaks and takes action.’ The media has labeled Jodi as “The World’s Leading Solutionologist®.” Jodi’s fusion of real-life stories and her conversational techniques connect with her audiences at an intimate, intense and individual level. She brings the audience into the stories, transporting the crowd on an unforgettable journey. Jodi has real-life, in-the-trenches business and personal experiences, her views are radically different than most. FACT: Being around people that think differently is the diversity that powers innovation, success and personal growth. Jodi ignites passion by cultivating critical thinking skills, teaching how to create new neural pathways in your brain, helping you understand the WHY behind your goals and the MUST HAVE’S in your life; allowing you to reach your untapped potential.

Less than 5.5% of US patent holders are women, and less than 1% of these women has a Master’s degree and successfully brought a product to market. Jodi has both, earning her a spot in an elite group of women inventors and a very small group of women Innovation Experts. Jodi is now sharing her expertise as a Master of Psychology, Neuroscientist, Key Note Speaker, Business Therapist, and the world’s leading Solutionologist®.

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