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The Solutionologist® Strategies program will help you to unlock the powers of your brain to obtain vastly more than you ever thought was possible. It will inspire and motivate, while giving an education that will leave you revitalized and ready to take on any challenges that may occur in the areas of health, career, relationships, wealth and charity.

The Solutionologist® Strategies program can be custom fit for high school students, college students and in any company, or group setting. It is designed for people that want to make a change in any areas of their lives. You can’t make excuses, you need to make changes. Nothing will change unless you do. This program won’t end up disappointing you, by giving you all of the same old information that you have already heard, again and again

The Solutionologist® Strategies is based in neuroscience and psychology. It helps people understand how to create new beliefs and habits, by retraining their brain and creating new neural pathways for success. This is ground breaking information in the field of neuroscience. The new brain research shows that motivation and perseverance aren’t enough to obtain the levels of success that we are capable of achieving. We need to make neural changes to break through our genetics and cognitive expectations, in order to grow.

In other words, you will be creating new neural pathways in your brain, which will alter your beliefs at the cellular level. The Solutionologist® Strategies focuses on the unconscious reprogramming of your self-image, self-worth, and self-esteem, believes and biases. The best part is that it’s easy to do with our Psychology Made Simple. The techniques you learn will help you maximize your potential and learn to control your brain to achieve your goals and enhance your success in every area of your life.

It’s up to you to make the decision, now. Are you ready to stop being interested in changing your life and finally make the commitment to make things happen?

The root of all happiness is hidden within us, and having the ability to ask the quality questions, to receive the quality answers, is the key to success. This is just like using Google or any search engine. If you don’t know what questions you want to ask yourself, how can you get the results that you are looking for? Many people are stuck in the same jobs, relationships and ruts in life. Neuroscience shows that these are more than habits they are patterns in our brain. I love to explain how to access these parts of your brain and offer the tools, to break out of the old habits, and create new patterns for success. This process is called Solutionologist® Strategies. Everyone has a Superhero inside of them. It just takes the knowledge, coupled with a little hard work to unleash these invisible powers from within. It will help your top performers, perform at above their peak and your weaker performers learn how to break through.

Teaching other how to control their thinking patterns, compartmentalizing their fears, and focusing on positive thought patterns, is something that everyone will appreciate learning. I love presenting the tools and knowledge to uncover your true potential.

I use my own story, of losing my hair, to alopecia, 29 years ago, and followed my own training to obtain results that are teachable, practical and repeatable. I took my loss, learned to control it, instead of having it control my life, and wrote three award winning books, two for children, using my hairless cats. (Yes, God has a sense of humor) My autobiography, Bald is Beautiful; My Journey to Becoming was written to help people navigate through their own issues, and teaching them the power of brain training and perseverance. All my experiences and choices helped me win a spot, as a top finalist, on ABC”S AMERICAN INVENTOR TV SHOW, featured on LIFETIME TV, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, Entrepreneur, Forbes and winning the Enterprising Woman of the Year award, plus much more!

I am here to help your team, any way I can to help you make the best informed decision for your event. If you have questions, please let me know. I am happy to set a meeting with you to discuss this valuable opportunity for all.

Jodi-The Innovation Expert delivers an immediate and lasting positive impact on innovation success rate.
Here’s where the program fits into what you’re already doing:

Mother and Daughter

First, Jodi will speak with you in-depth before the program. Next, she will speak to whomever you suggest to research, customize and tailor your program (including a cross-section of attendees, your organization’s key influencers, and /or your senior leadership team or board members.) Jodi is also happy to record audio or video interviews with your key leaders as a marketing tool for your meeting-or as a follow-up reinforcement tool for you to distribute.

Second, Jodi will design and deliver an in-depth “Needs and Interests” survey around your desired topic so that we can focus on exactly what you and your members need to know and want to learn.

Third, we will give you a free set of handouts that you can reproduce for your participants-which will save you a lot of money. Many speakers charge $15 to $50 per person if they provide the handouts. We give you the master and the handouts are excellent. Jodi provides a lot of hard-hitting content in each program, and the participants are thrilled to have a copy of all the things we talked about.

Fourth, Jodi is happy to work with you after the program. Just give us a call if you want to “debrief.” Often, Jodi will have comments from the participants or she will learn valuable insight about your organization that you should know. She will recommend some steps you can take to make sure the program sticks, and your objectives are achieved. This may include follow-ups by email or even a free teleseminar 30, 60- or 90 days, after the live event.

60-75-90 Minute Key Note – the Solutionologist® Strategies- RETRAINING YOUR BRAIN TO MASTER IT ALL (Focus on Business, Career, Relationships, Charity or combine to create the perfect program!)

Business Therapy – Jodi’s psychological approaches help end the anxiety of slipping revenues and shrinking profits, and help your best performers get unstuck to start winning again. One on one therapy for the whole business.

Innovation Consulting – Brainstorming with Jodi to propagate new ideas specific to your industry.

INVEST IN JODI, TODAY!—-Jodi@theSolutionologist.com— 262.682.4267

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When we use the word “problem” our brain automatically hears, “Something is wrong that needs fixing!” and “Life isn’t as it should be, this isn’t right!” Our brain wants to fix the malfunction, and our energy is focused towards fixing the issue. This is not a very empowering state of mind. Using the word “challenge” disables negative mental messages to be sent to the brain. We recruit our inner resource and begin to view the situation as a new OPPORTUNITY. This, on the other hand, is a very empowering state of mind.

Are there blessings in your challenges?

When working on a goal, challenges are the last thing that we want to experience. (They usually mean a big delay, greater expenses, and more time.)
What if you could see your challenges in life as highly beneficial experiences, or blessings in disguise?

The right mental set can reframe the way you experience challenges. For example, Losing my hair was a blessing: I was able to pursue a higher education, invent my product, become a motivational speaker, and more!

5 questions to ask yourself when you are facing “challenges”:

1. How can I use this experience to strengthen me?
* “Tell yourself “ I CAN HANDLE THIS CHALLENGE!”
* “This challenge is not bigger than I am!”
* “This challenge will be an opportunity for me to become stronger.
* “I have CONFIDENCE!”

2. How I make this challenge work in my favor?
* “I can handle this challenge.”
* “I will see this challenge as an advantage.”
* “This challenge will help me find a better way in doing something!”
* “I will replace a flawed strategy with a new one!”
* “How can I use this challenge to my advantage?

3. What can I learn from this challenge?
* “I will not view this challenge as an annoyance.”
* “I will think positively and keep an open mind.”
* “I will appreciate this experience in some way.”
* “I will look for possibilities, not inconveniences.”

4. What would make this challenge worthwhile?
* “I will recognize wonderful benefits from this challenge.”
* “I will feel empowered by this challenge.”
* “I know I have a choice and will choose to react positively.”
* “I am in control.”
* “Every challenge holds endless opportunities.”
* “Every challenge offers unlimited blessings.”

5. How can my challenge help others?
* “My challenge will help others, if I realize it or not.”
* “My actions impact the feelings of others.”
* “My actions impact the people around me.”
* “People may be modeling their behavior after me.”
* “Challenges will not intimidate me or slow me down.”
* “I might inspire and motivate others to face their challenges.”
* “I will experience personal growth.”

Will you take the 21 day “challenge?”
• It takes 21 days to make a good or bad behavior.
• Life changes don’t have to be complicated.
• No matter how simple they are, they won’t work, if you don’t use them!
• Simple life skills can have profound effects on your life!